Take your playing to the next level

With expert instruction from a world renowned player

Mark Wingfield has been acknowledged by countless music critics, on both sides of the atlantic, as one of the world’s foremost guitarists.  In 2014 he joined the famed MoonJune Records alongside the legendary Allan Holdsworth, Tony Levin and John Etheridge.  Dark Energy Music is proud to facilitate Mark’s teaching practice offering pre-recorded video lessons and one-on-one Skype tuition.  Over to Mark to tell you more:

“First of all I enjoy teaching, I enjoy helping people move forward in their playing.  I’ve gathered a lot of what I think are pretty amazing tips and teaching approaches over the 20 years I’ve been teaching.  I love sharing these things with my students because I can see how much it helps, how the lightbulb goes on and real progress happens.  For me that’s a great feeling, and because I’ve been helped along the way by the great musicians I’ve been lucky enough to play with over the years, it feels like part of my job to pass some of this on.

Every student is different, the challenge of finding just the right approach to help each person, is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching for me. I enjoy working with any player who loves the instrument, and has a real interest in moving their playing forward. I give tuition to people all over the world and we always have a great time working together on the craft and sharing our enthusiasm for guitars. Get in contact, set up a lesson and let’s work together on moving your playing forward!”


To get you started, Mark has created some video lessons covering two of the areas students most often need help with: Picking technique and how modes and scales fit with chords. Each lesson is in three parts, part’s one of both lessons is free! You can watch them here:

Mark Wingfield picking lesson
Picking technique lesson, FREE!

Mark Wingfield Modes lesson
How modes and scales fit with chords, FREE!

There are thousands of lessons out there on youtube.  But most of the people who make these are not even professional players, let alone world renowned guitarists.  So they are unlikely to have anything like the kind of inside knowledge and insight of someone of Mark’s stature. Why learn from an amateur when you can learn with one of the best players out there?  If the guitar is an important part your your life, why not give yourself great quality instruction?

There are of course lessons out there by other known players, but too often these are more of a showcase of what they can do, rather than real instruction dealing with the problems most guitarists are grappling with.

What’s different about having lessons with Mark, is that you are learning from someone who is widely acknowledged as being in the top tier of guitarists in the world today, but is also interested in actually helping you move forward with the things you find difficult.  He’s handing on rare insights and tips on how to improve your guitar playing, rather than just demonstrating the amazing things he can do.  So you’re getting the best of all worlds, real step by step instruction on many of the most asked about questions and sticking points in guitar playing, by one of the most highly regarded players out there.

There are two ways you can have lessons from Mark.

1) You can set up a Skype lesson to work one-on-one with Mark to improve any areas of your playing you are having trouble with here.

2) You can watch the two instructional videos that cover the areas of guitar playing he has been most asked about over the years here.  You can watch part one of each of these for free and then pay for parts two and three if you want to learn more.

Of course there’s nothing to stop you from doing both!

Set up a Skype lesson here, it’s quick and easy.  In no time Mark will be helping you move your playing forward (unless he happens to be on tour in which case you can book a time in advance after the tour is over).