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Thrilled to announce that my album The Stone House was made one of Downbeat Magazine’s Masterpiece albums of 2017!!

The Stone House was made one of Downbeat Magazine's Masterpiece albums of 2017

“After listening to The Stone House multiple times, I was surprised to read that the music contained no overdubs. But more noteworthy was discovering the six pieces that make for a very rewardable listening experience were completely improvised, with no rehearsal and no written music… a remarkable lead instrumentalist in Wingfield… In other words, the sonic tapestry of all four instruments serves to enhance The Stone House’s inevitable storytelling atmosphere.”  Downbeat *****

New album out with Markus Reuter, Yaron Stavi and Asaf Sirkis.  The Stone House on MoonJune Records.

The reviews are coming in read them here.

“The whole band charging ahead together as if by telepathy… demonstrates how conversational the group can be.”

“Great as these players are individually, their collective performance is almost magical.”

All About Jazz (Mark Sullivan)

“Be prepared to be blown away… instant game changer… profoundly innovative and compelling… immediately essential… I can’t even begin to describe how enthralled I am to have a copy of this stratospheric release by Wingfield, Reuter, Stavi, and Sirkis.” Mediaversal (USA)

“I was completely taken aback and just in awe… It felt as if they were breaking the doors down of Jazz with a gigantic bulldozer… This is a spellbinding release” Music From The Other Side of the Room (USA)

Watch the video of “Rush” being performed live in the studio.

Over 60 great reviews worldwide of Proof of Light. See them here.

“The sound of this music is bigger than its component parts… Wingfield’s guitar as a piercing, darting, spectral sound full of artful glissandi… Proof Of Light provides both heat and light, airiness and cool breezes, tight orchestration and ethereal openness” Downbeat * * * * ½

“Wingfield possesses the goods to be a world-beater. He’s an idiosyncratic stylist who infuses wistful delights into his mode of attack, while sparking vivid notions that the guitar is an extension of his soul… Astounding virtuosity and unique voice.” All About Jazz

“Guitarists who offer a truly individual style, something to say beyond technique, are harder to find. Mark Wingfield falls into the latter category.” Relix Magazine (NYC USA)

“This is wonderful in every way… Makes its way into the world of elite musical recordings… I was glued to every second of the music.” Art Rockin Magazine

“As a guitarist Mark Wingfield is quite extraordinary” Background Magazine (Holland)

Upcoming concerts:

Budapest concerts with Sandor Szabo July 14th, 15th, 16th

Previous events:

Shapeshifter Lab New York City February 12th

Live performance on WFMU New York City Feb 13th

Recent concerts:

New York City, Princeton, Jakarta, London

London’s Handle House, a historic venu built onto the house owned by both Handel and Jimi Hendrix.

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