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With more than 20 years’ experience, Mark Wingfield is a guitar teacher who can really help advanced players. Whether you need help understanding modes, playing over chord changes or developing your technique, Mark can help. He will also use his extensive practice as a musician and composer to help you find your own style and tap into your creativity.

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About Mark
Mark has recorded and played with some of the best musicians in the world, and has released [14 albums]. He has taught at The Royal College of Music, Goldsmiths University and Trinity Laban, amongst others. Mark enjoys teaching and is keen to help all guitarists to reach their full potential.

Can you benefit?
Mark teaches students from over the world, in person or via Skype. Whether you play guitar as a serious hobby, are studying music or are already a professional, Mark can help you reach your goals.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Mark will remove blocks to progress, inspire your creativity and show you how to make your guitar sing. Contact Mark for more information, and to book your first lesson.

Mark with student

The lessons:

1. One-to-one guitar tuition in person or via Skype.
People all over the world book lessons with Mark over Skype, meaning that wherever you are located, Mark can help you improve your playing and get more out of the guitar. If you live in the South of England or the Midlands, Mark’s studio is five minutes from the A1 or 40 minutes from Kings Cross by train.

2. A clear teaching system.
The system Mark uses draws on all of the most effective methods he has found over the years, and is constantly being refined through discussion with students. Furthermore, through years of recording and playing with some of the best musicians in the world, Mark has learned many crucial tips that have allowed him to speed up his own progress and to play more creatively. These are reflected in his teaching methods, and will be shared with students.

3. Great results
All of Mark’s students improve (see [testimonials below]), because he designs exercises specifically for each individual. Mark will show you exactly how to break the barriers that are holding you back – something you just can’t learn from YouTube tutorials.

With thousands of web pages, and books full of exercises, most students spend too much time practicing things that do not move them forward. Mark’s personalised tuition will pin-point exercises that will accelerate your learning so you see the benefits faster.

4. A friendly, supportive atmosphere.
Lessons with Mark are about getting more out of playing the guitar and reaching your goals. Confidence is important not only to enjoyment and creativity, but also to progress on an instrument. Mark’s lessons are friendly and fun.

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Mark with students


“Mark has the quality that all the best teachers have: making a confusing topic accessible and understanding. His depth of musical knowledge allows him to explain it in much simpler terms than any other teacher i have learned from, which means you learn so much more in a shorter space of time. Best of all, what Mark teaches is rooted in physical application, so you come away from every Skype lesson already feeling like a better guitarist than you were an hour earlier.”  Richard White, Kent UK

“Lessons on Skype with Mark was a great learning experience for me.  It helped me a lot!  Mark was able to quickly zero in on my next steps as a guitarist. His instructions gave me a lot of fuel for my practice.  I was able to drop a lot of the complicated stuff I thought I had to go through and started to use my ear. I find Mark’s explanations of modes and how to play over chord changes fantastic – simple and yet very practical.   As well as that, Mark is a very friendly person who’s presence will make you feel comfortable and open to new ways of playing guitar.”  Kavi Eremenko, Germany

“Mark’s guidance has been very helpful. Every explanation very clear, and the approach always matches my needs.  As well as this, Mark’s generosity in sharing tips about gear  and furnishing sources for researching deeper into my areas of interest.  Carlo Estolano, Brazil

“Mark helped me develop a more effortless playing style… A valuable experience that focused on music rather than just guitar technique.” Joe Ledsam, Leeds UK

“Fantastic. Mark taught me to approach the guitar in a different way… an excellent teacher and in just a short space of time, taught me a whole new harmonic approach to playing. A truly worthwhile experience.” Jack Losh, Bristol UK

“I’m an intermediate guitarist that was looking for clarification on some theory, so I set up a Skype lesson.  Mark was very pleasant to work with, is very knowledgeable and was able to provide me with all the answers I was looking for. Mark gave me great examples that made things clear for me and he didn’t rush through anything. Teaching went at my pace. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone seeking to improve their guitar skills.”  Paul Stauskas Florida, USA

“I found Mark explains basic things that have always been looked over, I’ve definitely learnt a lot.” Matt Gill, UK

“Mark takes the down-to-earth approach… at no point am I left confused.” Matt Vahdani, UK