Guitar teaching – Scales, modes, technique and ear training

Below is a selection of common teaching topics covered elsewhere on the web and in various books. Here however, I’ve provided my own angles on teaching these traditional subjects.




Would you like to understand modes; what they are, how they work, and how to use them?

Modes Part One

Modes Part Two

Playing over chord changes

Understanding how it works and what you need to learn and practice.

Part One

Part Two

Ear – the secret to everything

Ways of connecting ear to fingers. 

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Using the Melodic Minor Scale

How do you use this scale? Why should you use it? How do you learn it?

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Alternate picking

The “Inside Outside” story of alternate picking.

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Finger Control

I look at finger independence exercises.

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Or – “The Battle Against the Ping”.

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Legato Playing

Legato technique, and how to improve yours.

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